Mobile Services & Special Operations

Our Hummer H1 mobile drone (greenmeanie) can go anywhere with a customized pack list

to suit a variety of operations to include,

Nature Sound Recording

Capturing nature in all its glory is an enjoyable part of sound production.

Great for science projects and bird translations. 

Mobile Video Recording 

We can get to where the tough shots are

as well as do event recording including flir ops 

Mobile Target Tracking

We can track objects in the sky and on the horizon and record event data.

Flir ops capability 

Aerial Drone Recording

Quad drone missions into remote or insecure areas.

I deal for law enforcement, military and news networks and band videos

Music Festivals 

We can provide video and  audio recording services

for music festivals and parades

Special Operations


 Contact us.  Serious inquiries only !!!


Some pics of greenmeanie in action below