The "A" Room - Douketis Room

Our largest Room and with ample seating and lighting. Used for mini Concerts. Rates start at $20 per hour

We have dedicated this room to the memory of our dear friend Constantine Douketis who died much too early in life, leaving behind a legacy of music and science accomplishments. An awesome friend and fellow musician.

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B Room Healey Room

Our second largest Room and with ample seating and room.  

Rates start at $20 per hour

We dedicated this room in memory of the legendary Jeff Healey, one of the most unique guitarists of our time and major influence in the Canadian music industry.




Love Music Cafe (formerly Room C)

We recently started renovating the old C room into a Cafe for the purpose of having small acoustic shows starting in the spring of 2016. A rear patio for summer enjoyment is also planned for summer 2016. The space will be available for event rentals,conventions etc.  More news coming shortly








Office/Studio For rent (mid July availability)

We have a small studio/office coming up for rent mid month at Broadview/ Danforth, steps from subway. One small 8x9 work room, a kitchenette and a shower. Only issue is you have to share the communal studio toilet. Would suit a music teacher, drummer/musician, home recordist or someone who works nights and wont be here as it can be noisy with bands here from 6-12 midnight. Potential live in. Email or call for more info.

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The Riel Room D

We can rent this room by the month and in some cases for recording lockouts.

The smallest of the 4 rooms but great for a 4 piece band who needs to tuck away and get lots of work done. The room is set up for recording off the floor. There is a very nice  vintage Gretch kit all miked up for those who just want to lay drum tracks. We have done a number of live video's with this setup as well.

 Below is a live improv music video of Transporter Jam Band recorded live in this room.




We dedicated this room to the memory of Riel Kasa who died far to young at 18 just as he was on the brink of musical self discovery. An awesome talent unknown to the world. He was said to have jumped off a 30 story building. We have never believed it.


Some Gear Pics


Rehearsal Room Features and Benefits


All rooms are equipped with 2 guitar amps, 1 bass amp, 1 drum kit (no crashes) 2 mics with cables and stands, PA, plus plenty of seating. All rooms are clean.

We can also rent vintage amps and other extras

Booking Information   

phone 416-462-1731 for info   email  for booking

We no longer book by phone but we do need your home phone number, your email and your full name at minimum in our database for security purposes before we can book you.

We are open 12pm-12am 7days a week

Prime Time is Monday to Friday 6pm-9pm and 9pm-12am

We will only book one session up to 7 days in ahead unless you pay us in advance.

Weekends daytime and evenings: Anytime between 12 noon-2am (2 hour minimum)

Please note that we require 24hours notice for cancellations. If you do this, first time cancellations will be charged half the rate, second  time you must pay full rate, third time we will not accept your bookings unless paid in advance. If you make a habit of this, we will not book time for you at our club.  

Mini Concerts must be booked 2-4 weeks in advance with a 50 % deposit.

 Unfortunately Mon.-Fri. we cannot book slots such as 7-10 or 8-11 as we lose valuable time rentals and ultimately have to turn away other musicians. However, if you call and book on the day of your rehearsal we will be happy to make an exception if we have the time open. We will also be willing  to add you to our "on call" list in the event of a last minute cancellation.